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Two Crewmembers holding a big fish

Our Cane's Love is Off the Charts


When it comes to Cane’s Love, there’s no secret recipe. You can see it in the smiles of our Crew members or taste it in our Chicken Fingers. What’s so yummy about it? The power of appreciation.

Cane’s Love is a best-in-class recognition program dedicated to showing our awesome Crew the Respect, Recognition, and Reward they absolutely deserve. It’s the special touch that makes Raising Cane’s unique.

Believing is seeing. Our vision is what brought Cane’s Love to life and kept it fresh over the years. Long story short, when Todd opened up our Cane’s 1 (aka the Mothership) across the street from Louisiana State University in August of 1996, he asked his Crew (college students, obviously.) what they all looked for in a workplace and the answer was a resounding “Great Crew, and Cool Culture.” So he listened. To this day, “Great Crew, and Cool Culture” holds a significant place in our Vision Statement. And It’s Cane’s Love that ensures our vision is infused into every aspect of our daily operations.

Todd Graves signing a hard hat

From comfortable, Casual Uniforms and Crew Appreciation Picnics, to Positive Motivation Management and personalized Service Awards, Cane’s Love percolates through our organization in many creative ways, big and small. For example, saying a perfect thank you is an art that we’d like to practice every day at Cane’s. As fans of hearty, handwritten notes, we prepare dedicated stationery for our Managers and Crew, so they’ll have what they need when they sit down to write out their gratitude for one another.

We also spread Cane’s Love through thoughtful rewards. Thanks to ideas from our Founder Todd, our rewards feature a bunch of “traditional gifts” like a bottle of champagne for New Year’s or cute candy hearts for Valentine’s Day. These gifts make our Crewmembers’ journey together even more rewarding and let us connect and melt hearts all year long.

Love is contagious. We believe when we show our Crew some Cane’s Love, they will spread it to Customers. So, as a Company, we make a substantial investment in our Crew through our programs. One of them is celebrating Crewmembers’ milestones with us in a personalized and meaningful way. For instance, on their first anniversary, Crewmembers receive a hard hat reminiscent of Todd’s time working on Boiler Makers to fund the first Raising Cane’s Restaurant. And on their 10th anniversary, they receive a Crystal Dog. Can you guess why? The answer is in our name.

Crewmember holding a Raising Cane's hat

Enriched by love, Cane’s became a lot more than a job for our Crewmembers and many others. It’s where you’ll get recognized, be rewarded, and have fun on your path to new possibilities. Think you’ll fit in just fine? Take a look at our jobs site, you might spot your next new chapter!


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