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Embrace Your Crave Chicken Finger dipping in Cane's sauce

Our Chicken Fingers Are All the Crave


At Raising Cane’s, we’re committed to using only the highest-quality ingredients for our chicken finger meals that Customers have come to know, love and crave. And that craving for Cane’s quickly becomes an obsession, as we’ve seen from Caniacs sharing their love for our Brand across social media.

After being recognized by Technomic as the “#1 Most Craveable Chicken in the U.S.” and the “#1 Most Craveable Sauce in the U.S.”, we kicked off the year with our Crave Campaign, highlighting our craveable qualities that bring out a desire for more chicken finger meals. All of our nearly 700 Restaurants across the country posted POP materials, reminding Customers that our Sauce is “all the crave” and encouraging them to “embrace their crave.”

We’re proud to receive these recognitions from Technomic, and we know our Caniacs are the real MVPs for sharing their raving reviews of our chicken finger meals and helping to validate what we already knew to be true.  

The secret is in the Sauce and the proof is in the chicken fingers, but we’ll let our Customers vouch for us on this one.

“The food is good!! The quality and consistency is awesome!! The sauce is good, the fries, the bread, the chicken! You can't go wrong here! Whatever you order will be good!!”
- Google Review

“I love the flavorful chicken strips that dunk perfectly in this heavenly Cane’s sauce.” 
- Yelp Review

“If not, it’s some of the BEST SAUCE, CHICKEN STRIPS I have ever ate. I was hooked after first visit! I'd advise if you like special sauces and dipping chicken in them, well by a means, RAISING CANE’S is the place to EAT!!”
- Google Review

“Pure chicken finger nirvana – that captures it right there!”
- Dallas Customer

“The sauce. It’s unlike any other sauce. So good!”
- Dallas Customer

“It’s chicken made right. Giving you a taste experience in every bite. Makes you want to savor it.”
- Baton Rouge Customer

“I think they built the restaurant around the sauce!”
- Kansas City Customer


SOURCE: 2022 Technomic, Inc. Ignite Consumer brand metric survey data. Used with permission.

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